Atom Mini 83 - Sub 100g 3s [RETIRED]

By LawnDart on May 26, 2017

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Crashed the sh** out of the FliteTest Gremlin; broke a motor and the frame. Bought the Atom frame with the thought to transplant the electronics.

Emax props were too big for the Atom83 and smaller props don't fit the proprietary Emax bullsh** mounting pattern. I could have cut down the Emax props but I'm lazy.

Weight w/o Battery: 52g
AUW: 94g



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deks   Aug 23, 2017  

Super impressive weight! Seems like you may get thrust to weight ratios similar to much bigger mini quads? How does it feel?

Btw, seems like you listed a vrx instead of a camera and vtx?

LawnDart   Aug 23, 2017 

The batteries in particular were a weak point of this build and I wish I'd used higher KV motors, as the 5400kv didn't give me the power I was looking for. This quad has been gutted and parts have been used elsewhere.

The links seem to change occasionally on this site, not sure why. I've updated it.

Whiffles   Aug 23, 2017 

Which links changed? That shouldn't be happening. I'll look into it.

Mazda07   Aug 12, 2017  

How did you wire the femto to the 4 in 1 esc

LawnDart   Aug 12, 2017 

The 4in1 has a breakout cable. The wires from that are soldered directly to the FC. If you look at the FT Gremlin build I have, there is a wiring diagram that shows how to wire it up. Motor 4 has to be remapped to a different spot. There is info on how to do that on that build page.

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