By nomand on Jun 06, 2017

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This is my daily flyer.

Custom sub-50g freestyle micro, designed to replicate a 5" top mounted battery layout and flight characteristics.
Best flown with a 350-400mah 2S Battery due to space limitations. Anything bigger has to be underslung and retuned.

Frame designed for 1103 - 1106 motors (8.5-9mm mounting pattern).
Requires 4x 15mm nylon standoffs & 8x 6mm m3 nylon bolts.
Supports up to 3" props (with alternative 3D Printed pod design). 2.5" (65mm) prop size max with carbon canopy.
Femto FC mounted with foam tape, but the frame supports 16-20mm FC standoffs as well as standard 30.5mm for the lols.
Motors are soft mounted with bicycle inner tube rubber. Same material used for the battery slip pad.
RX and VTX antennas are custom cut from 1.13mm IPEX coax cable, routed through the plastic straw from behind the LED panel to route them away from the carbon cage.
Range could be greatly improved with an XM+ receiver. Then 2.4 will outrange the video on a 25mW whip VTX, but there's no space for a CP.

Flight footage (youtube)

Betaflight PIDs for acro tune
350mah 67g AUW. Every gram affects the tune at this scale.

R 37 : 58 : 20
P 40 : 55 : 20
Y 120 : 60
0.82 Rate - 0.3 Expo



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DEinDEad   Oct 05, 2017  

Hey are you going to sell that frame or post the files for it?

Jordigrau83   Sep 21, 2017  

Do you have any fpv vids? Really nice build

nomand   Sep 21, 2017 

I just started a channel, there's a video where I build a tiny hd cam and put it on this quad, it's not the best flying because it was windy and my pids need work haha.

Cheers!   Aug 01, 2017  

Hi there, just saw your build in Flight Club Auckland. I'm there too but haven't raced yet. I have a couple micro builds both on here, sing out if you get caught short on parts etc. Love that frame, did you design yourself?

nomand   Aug 01, 2017 

Hey! Thanks! Yeah, it's my own design, cut it with armattan.
I don't really race, more into freestyle. Learning on the micros :) Where do you usually fly?   Aug 01, 2017 

I've only just watched once but will give it a crack sometime, learning by myself is mostly what I'm doing at the moment. Sad but lunch time break is most of my flying in East Tamaki near Botanny hub. When the weather gets better I'd like to try Monte Cecilia and Cornwall park. You?

nomand   Aug 02, 2017 

I live in the city, so Mayers and Albert parks are my only option, except for maybe some urban spots where nobody is around on weekends. Can only mostly fly on Saturdays or early mornings before work.
BTW You can't fly in Cornwall without permission because it's private land, not council controlled.
Keen to fly together some time!

CesiumSalami   Jun 06, 2017  

ERMAHGERD TOO CUTE. seriously ... it's very cool ... not trolling :)
I bet it rips, too. My 65mm build is like 10g heavier and runs 6500kv 1103's and is a blast. Flies for like 7.5min on 450mah 2s.

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nomand   Jun 06, 2017 

Nice build! I wish there was a circular polarized solution that's smaller than a clover or even AXII for these tiny builds. If you go with a whip, you can loose all that canopy. Also cutting down your motor wires will loose you a gram or so, so will those zip ties, don't need the RX antennas that long :)
I'm keen on a micro foxeer that was just announced.

CesiumSalami   Jun 06, 2017 

true. true. i don't find I really need a clover at this scale... and yeah I did redo it without the canopy tom foolery. It was my first brushless build so I was leaving lots of room to make mistakes with extra wire. I did see that! coming soon apparently!

jwangdk   Jul 01, 2017 


Suteki   Jun 17, 2017  

Put me in the 'I'd buy that' category. Super tidy build.

i_LiKe_dRoNe   Jun 13, 2017  

HoW cAn I gEt ThAt FrAmE?? I want to build so bad

Unconnected   Jun 07, 2017  

Ok. Mine seriously​ has to lose weight. It is nearly twice the weight of yours, at it's lowest it was 88gm and only runs 2" props. Like I said, needs work.

I also like the battery on top idea. I am having some serious tuning issues coming out of dives or fast forward flight. I think battery on top may help! Thanks.

Whiffles   Jun 06, 2017  

Looks great! Are you selling the frame?

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Whiffles   Jun 06, 2017 

Sounds like a good idea. Iron out any faults and then release it. BTW, you can change the cover image if it wasn't your intention to feature the rear end of the quad.

nomand   Jun 06, 2017 

I like the back of it, mainly because how parts from completely different places have just fit together so well (the hole in the LED board is perfect size for the antenna protector straw) plus I love LEDs, but I see what you mean, I changed it to something that makes more sense, thanks for the suggestion!

Whiffles   Jun 06, 2017 

I was wondering if that was intentional :) It is a clean back!

thumbtwiddler   Jun 06, 2017  

Welp. I know what i wanna build now

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