Flite Test Versacopter 280 Quad

By Sean on Mar 27, 2016

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This is my 280mm FPV quad, built with the Flite Test Versacopter frame. AUW is 677g with a 1400mAh 3S.



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flyhigh916   May 04, 2016  

Love the sleek build. These seem like they would be easy to fix at the field too if you were to break an arm, although I imagine those arms are pretty strong.

Sean   May 11, 2016 

Thanks! Yeah the arms are super strong, they tend to rotate in a bad crash, so you can just rotate them back into the proper orientation and keep flying!

gadgetmerc@gmail.com   May 12, 2016 

I broke and arm and shattered both delrin side plates in separate crashes. I ordered a new arm from FT but designed and 3D printed delrin replacements. I love this quad!

Whiffles   May 12, 2016 

gadgetmerc, you should post your build!

gadgetmerc@gmail.com   Apr 01, 2016  

I'm building one too (yes i'm going to post the build here) but cant decide on the camera mount. Have you crashed much with your setup? I'm wondering how well the board cam stands up to being up front like that.

Sean   Apr 01, 2016 

Honestly I haven't really crashed it. The method I've used to mount my board cam is pretty sketchy though, I think if I crashed it would probably come loose but hopefully not be damaged. If you want to do it properly you could get a 3D printed mount, I like the look of this one: https://rcpartshangar.com/products/20-degree-fpv-mobius-mount-for-flite-test-versacopter?variant=12562296390

Whiffles   Mar 28, 2016  

You don't see a 280mm very often. Do you fly this for video or fun?

Sean   Mar 28, 2016 

For fun, it's my first FPV quad. I liked the look of it and how tidy the electronics setup was, been gradually increasing the camera tilt as I get more practise.

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