Realacc Purple 215 ( Gray Ghost Edition )

By UnderDawg on Aug 07, 2017

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Silver is the New Purple.

This frame is not designed of a 4 in 1 setup, ( Enter at your on risk ) but I was able to shoe-horn the Raptor in anyway. I think the Asgard FC or something along those lines would be a better fit.....but I had to try anyway..

FPV cam
Anything larger than the Run-Cam Mini is gonna protrude past the housing. Maybe the Owl or Night-Wolf would work?

I went with the TBS U.P. and it is taped to the underside of the frame rails and holds the XM Plus snug against the FC.

I had initially planned to use 2300kv Cobra's, but only three of the four ordered arrived in time. I guess I'm lucky I had a set of BH T1's on hand.

Overall this was a challenging, but easy build and I'm looking forward to some better weather to get this rig in the air.



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HobbsieW   Sep 20, 2017  

Looks awesome! Do you prefer this frame or the TransTec Frog? I can't decide which i want.

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UnderDawg   Sep 20, 2017 

good luck with whichever one you choose and be sure to post your build when done.

HobbsieW   Sep 21, 2017 

Sorry, one more thing, what did you think of the power of this build? I'm unsure of whether to use the BH T1's, T2's or the BH R4's. Thanks for your swift replies btw, i appreciate it.

UnderDawg   Sep 21, 2017 

The BH T1's are more than adequate or my flying style, but keep in mind I bought these originally for a 4'' build and the price. I Think I paid $45.00 for 5 new. other than the 1407's I have no experience with the BH motors. Sorry I couldn't be of anymore help with your decision.

Whiffles   Sep 16, 2017  

How has this been performing? I'm having some twitching issues with mine. I've soft mounted the FC and done everything I can on the software side of things to no avail. I just may soft mount my motors, but I've never had to do that before. This frame does seem to reverberate if you tap it, so I wonder if it's just a little too rigid?

UnderDawg   Sep 16, 2017 

Hmmmmm? I don't remember having any problems with this one, but here lately I've only been flying rigs setup with the T8J.

Whiffles   Sep 17, 2017 

T8J? Maybe my motors are just too noisy. I'm running the DYS 2207 2550kvs.

UnderDawg   Sep 17, 2017 

Sorry!! The T8J is my Futaba radio.

Whiffles   Aug 08, 2017  

Looks fantastic! I'm building one of these this week using the AIO StarF3S. Where did you get the wire mesh?

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UnderDawg   Aug 23, 2017 

Good deal! Should look great. I too will be doing a BG budget build using the same frame and motors, but I have three others to build first.

Whiffles   Aug 25, 2017 

I know how that feels. I've only got one build queued up and it's kinda refreshing knowing there isn't a next one quite yet.

UnderDawg   Aug 26, 2017 

I'll be slowing down soon to start readying my other quads (ATV's) for the cooler temps and some mud riding.

Electroninja9000   Aug 11, 2017  

So clean. And the photography too, well done mate!

UnderDawg   Aug 12, 2017 

Thanks for the compliments..

Mish   Aug 09, 2017  

Wow, this looks great! After seeing this, I feel like it was partly the purple colour that held me back from liking this frame. I think it just looks better like this. Great job!

UnderDawg   Aug 09, 2017 

Thanks! I wanted this frame to be a little different from the rest... I think I achieved it with the color change.

Oeliboeb   Aug 08, 2017  

Really like the colorscheme of your quad! How did you get the aluminium parts of your frame silver?

UnderDawg   Aug 08, 2017 

Thanks!! I used a mild paint stripper and then neutralized it with a citrus-based cleaner.

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