Black and Gold

By Sparkitekt on Sep 23, 2017

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First mockup, minus the VTX and RX.
Total weight including wires w/o vtx and battery: 315g

I finally received the last of everything. At this point, I'll probably be a few tiny items away from being prepared to completely finalize the build.
I installed the bottom plate wrong, so that's been fixed.
I modified the side plates at the interior stack area and at the GoPro mount. With a dremel and a barrel sander, I reshaped the rear inside radius to better accommodate the stack. I removed the GoPro mounting gussets and retained enough CF to maintain the notch that fits within the top plate. At this stage I have no need for a GoPro mount. Perhaps somewhere down the line I'll get a mount to attach to the frame.

Finally done. The most difficult part about the entire process was dealing with my indecisiveness and focusing on minute details. I pretty much covered every cable in paracord and shrink tubes. I'm pretty content, especially considering that this is my first legit (non-kit) build.
My first time plugging-in the battery was pretty scary. I was mentally prepared for the worst, but the results were marvelous. Everything worked so well. I especially love the DYS integration of the FC and ESC. I got the motors off eBay, and they all came in CW orientation. Upon plugging it into BF, the orientation of all the motors were spot-on. I don't know whether this was my luck, or if this is already managed by the ESC upon power up.
Final weight without battery comes in at 317g. With battery, 478g.
I definitely think I learned a lot from this experience. I'm not 100% confident in my solder joints, so I'll give that all a go over in a few days.
Thanks again to UnderDawg and his Back in Black build, for giving me the inspiration to get started.
**everything except the motors and ESC was purchased on amazon. I've concluded that their pricing is in-line with most other known retailers within this market. In some instances, prices were between a few cents – $5+/- more or less than what's available elsewhere. No having to upload silly videos on YouTube, no waiting 24 hours for an email, no sending you bits and pieces over the course of months.



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vinnnocc   Nov 25, 2017  

hello how are you liking the Fc and esc combo and the motors? i would really like that set up but reviews are all over

Sparkitekt   Dec 05, 2017 

Hey...I love the combination of the two. But if I were to do it all over again, I would not use the pins to connect the two boards. I'd either use the wire harness or hardwire the two.
At this stage, after many crashes, both items are no longer working.

Sparkitekt   Sep 13, 2017  

This will be my first build. After having a bad experience with BG, I decided to go
My build was inspired off of this post:
I don't know how to credit the builder, but his build was definitely a beautiful and clean job. I plan on using the PET cable wrap, but I don't want to buy ten meters worth. Any sources that I can purchase by the foot? I'm looking for a black and gold weave.
I have absolutely no electronics assembly or soldering experience; but I am very proficient in building/assembling/disassembling stuff and I am pretty confident that I am capable enough of performing the work.
Before taking on the electrical assembly portion, I bought a practice soldering board and plan on using that to practice on for the next few weeks. Depending on the learning curve, perhaps I might be able to build this much sooner.
I'll add more photos as the parts arrive.
Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Sparkitekt   Sep 30, 2017 

I used 550 paracord. The inner diameter is wide enough to accommodate up to 3-20 gauge wires and up to 1-16 gauge wire. Make sure to burn the ends and any frays.

Quadfishtim   Oct 06, 2017 

Cool cool, that's what i ordered. Have you seen anyone design motor guards for this frame/arms yet?

Sparkitekt   Oct 07, 2017 

I haven't really looked around for motor guards for this frame. But I can attest to the crash worthiness of this frame. It can take a beating. The prolongations extending from the arms do offer some bump protection. I came to this conclusion after seeing the accumulation of tree bark and foliage on those nubs and nothing on the motor itself.

Whiffles   Sep 23, 2017  

I like the braided motor wires. That's a nice touch. Just need to have wires long enough to support that.

Sparkitekt   Sep 26, 2017 

They definitely make for a cleaner build. The only problem is getting the braid tight enough to not come loose. That and routing the wires through the frame.

UnderDawg   Sep 23, 2017  

Nice!! Very clean.

Sparkitekt   Sep 23, 2017 

thanks a lot. I'm looking forward to getting out there and wrecking it. I don't know how you guys don't get attached to these things. But screw it, I guess that's where the fun begins.

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