Purple Pepper

By q-ratz on Nov 14, 2017

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So here it is: a rebuild of the original pepperF1SH. Pretty much everything in this build is as Simon aka fishpepper suggests. I took the 10000kv motors instead of the 8000kv ones and i decided against ladybird props i favor of LKTR120 props. These are very similiar to the ladybirds but have the 1.5mm mounting hole. Since those original BR1103 motor wires are really crappy to solder and tend to break of easily, i changed them to silicone wires as per fishpepper's guide. Finally, i cut a whoop-style battery holder of some spare foam and glued it to the bottom, which works surprisingly well.



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deks   Dec 06, 2017  

I love the multi-color motor wires! did you replace the full wire, starting at the motor base?

q-ratz   Dec 06, 2017 

yes i did. these motors originally don't have proper motor wires. racerstar just used the wire from the windings and put shrink tube on it. there are really stiff, hard to solder and break of very often. so i replaced them right at the end of the windings with proper silicone wire.

q-ratz   Nov 16, 2017  

It is unbelievable well-behaved in the air. Flew 6 lipos today, hit a few solid walls and other obstacles, have not yet had to change a prop.

thumbtwiddler   Nov 15, 2017  

y e s

RocketSquidFPV   Nov 15, 2017 

o h y e s

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