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By choppergirl on Jan 06, 2022

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Choppergirl's Big Wall of Videos (

My free Edgy Soundpack for Open-TX RC Transmitters page was drowning in an overload of my own embedded videos, so I moved them all over to this parking page. Welcome to the GIRL RESISTANCE.

For information on Quadzilla @ Quadlantis my new yearly Fly Girl FPV Event 50 miles from Rotor Riot Rampage, click here.
Currently In development, get your input and 2 cents in now.

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.    hold your proverbial dark air war horses ♞Ⓐ♘
There's a lot of them to load...

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Menubar: █♞█ Choppergirl's SoundpackChoppergirl's VideosChoppergirl's


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choppergirl   Nov 08, 2023  
choppergirl   12 days ago 

Lol don't watch that video without reading the tongue in cheek description.

choppergirl   3 days ago 

choppergirl   May 07, 2022  
choppergirl   25 days ago 

choppergirl   Feb 03, 2023  
choppergirl   26 days ago 

I don't usually do react style content, but here's my reaction video to Bardwell's reaction video Why Rotor Riot Rampage is so "Overpriced" (ft. Botgrinder & Grim Reaper)

The Devil is always in the Description.
Ciotti: I don't want any big black thing in my hallway

choppergirl   Apr 25, 2024  

You win a free reset switch on your controller, if you can spot a cameo of xJet hidden in this video...

choppergirl   Apr 11, 2024  

choppergirl   Dec 08, 2022  
choppergirl   Apr 01, 2024 

Mary Poppins Tribute, an Original Gangsta Sky Pirate ~ Who needs Shitty FPV Goggles, when you've got an Umbrella ☂️

xJet says the radio control hobby is a harmless hobby that never hurts anyone, and yet men pursuing wickedness always find ways to pervert toys and play into weapons and war

choppergirl   Feb 12, 2023  
choppergirl   Mar 27, 2024 

choppergirl   Dec 08, 2023  
choppergirl   Mar 23, 2024 

choppergirl   Jan 29, 2023  
choppergirl   Mar 22, 2024 

FPV is dead as PHUCK A.I. is the gneu HAWTNESS 🦄

choppergirl   Dec 09, 2023  
choppergirl   Feb 14, 2024 

❤️ Happy Valentines Day 2024 ❤️ Rotorbuilds 🍀 from your local Girl Pest 👧

You still in CurryKitten's camp, and think the FPV hobby was invented in the 1980's, 1990's or 2000's by some RC bros?
Noooooo... :-) Let the Girl Rebellion set the record straight and take you back to the future... flashback to 1957!!
HTK-1K 🚁 The first Pilotless FPV RC DuoHelicopter in Action

Choppergirl's AirWar (2008-2014) was the world's first dedicated FPS futuristic multispawning gunship dogfighting sim based upon the Battlefield 2142 Refractor engine released by DICE/EA in 2007. While the world was infatuated with GTA IV & GTA V, Choppergirl went a different direction and fell in love with an overlooked and neglected but requiring great skill very tricky to fly horse in a maligned game. Turning 100,000 FPS shooter grunts with guns players into futurist jumpjet pilots during it's heyday, AirWar popularized VTOL flight straight out of nowhere, and the precariously riding on a cushion of air, and laid the primordial foundation for the FPV hobby, VTOL aerobatics, and interest therein.

When GameSpy login server went bankrupt in 2014 and the party was over, Nintendo controllers were hacked, balsa wood was duct taped, RC airplane transmitters and receivers were expropriated, kludges were passionately hacked up by amateur programmers, and the rest is history. After beating up on boys for 4 years on my servers, I went blind, and didn't get to continue to participate... instead, becoming... a grandmother forgotten and maligned like Malificent ... the Dark Horse of Air War.

Of course these things are being used to kill people in Ukraine... they always were... weapons of war. They were birthed in my Mad Max Tina Turner thunderdome after all... a fair chess aerial combat poetry of debris raining down in the sky.

choppergirl   Jun 15, 2023  

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