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By choppergirl on Jan 06, 2022

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Choppergirl's Big Wall of Videos (

My free Edgy Soundpack for Open-TX RC Transmitters page was drowning in an overload of my own embedded videos, so I moved them all over to this parking page. Welcome to the GIRL RESISTANCE.

For information on Quadzilla @ Quadlantis my new yearly Fly Girl FPV Event 50 miles from Rotor Riot Rampage, click here.
Currently In development, get your input and 2 cents in now.

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Menubar: █♞█ Choppergirl's SoundpackChoppergirl's VideosChoppergirl's


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choppergirl   Dec 08, 2022  
choppergirl   8 days ago 

Boner FPV publishes Dutch Swear Words, while I fly the MASH Suicide Song - FPV IS DEAD.
Youtube has cratered and FPV is dead! Nobody want's to watch your phwakin FPV video. And if nobody wants to watch FPV videos any more, why watch talking head videos about trying to get FPV to work. You're wasting your time... the world has moved on from the hoola hoop and the lawn dart.

choppergirl   Feb 03, 2023  
choppergirl   17 days ago 

You know you want to slide your sausage into Princess Peach's oven
You're watching this video
All the way to the end
Just to see Nick Burns Sausage *

  • Nick Burns hides one video frame of a sausage in his videos (according to Nick Burns)
choppergirl   May 07, 2022  
choppergirl   Jan 29, 2023  
choppergirl   Feb 12, 2023  

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