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By choppergirl on Feb 22, 2022

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I am building a Ninja Fighter Pilot Girl counter culture FPS/FPV free event to parallel and coincide with that Rotor Riot Rampage FPV Pirate Sausage Festival (qz.air-war.org)

Who the PHUCK is Choppergirl?
Alexa, who is Choppergirl Twenty One Fourty Two...

Five years before FPV, the burrning hot spot for flying combat VTOL was Choppergirl's Airwar.... a highly modified boutique free public Battlefield 2142 and Battlefield 2 demo servers. Five years of constant modifying, laying down large swaths of new Python code, play testing, and tweaking until it was perfectly balanced like fairy chess... a thunderdome intense death match arena of fast moving gunships where the skies were filled with a poetry of smoking falling debris. My gunships were modded to spin around on a dime and move as fast as quads do today. I didn't just mod weapons and vehicles, I rewrote the game and fixed every game design bug I could to cajole an ocean of fucktard shoe box kid little douchebag layers into playing right.

You didn't need to buy anything to play; all my mods were server side only, I was the queen of server side only modding, the free DICE demo game clients were all you needed. 100,00 players over their lifetime. Hero to the best fighter pilot wannabes, up to 22 challengers at a time. Quality over Quanity. You may not agree with my design philosophy, but give me a dime of respect for the insane amount of unpaid firey passion I put into crafting the wildest and most fun aerial combat server every day for 5 years. Years before screwballs with tricopters and Hawaii Balls and Blue Falcon and Trappy and Kapper and Bardwell and Steele were ever playing with wooden sticks and motors and a hot glue gun. Twelve years before Velocidrone Combat.

Airwar was my baby, and she was polished relentlessly into a thing of absolute beauty, until Gamespy suddenly went under, and pulled the plug on all her login servers, and it was game over for all the Classic Battleifeld games. EA could of stepped in and bought hte servers and kept them going, but EA didn't do jack. XBox scripted game play for total idiots was their next bread and butter plan.

Meet one of the grandmothers of your shitty little hobby. I didn't invent propellors, metalurgy, batteries, heavier than air aircraft, plastics, electric motors, radio control, analog cameras, the transistor, silicon crystal chips, programming languages, gyro sensors, carbon fiber, helicopters, quads, or gunships, butt that's my little spot in this particular cornerof history. If you think sim flying to pixels generated by a GPU isn't real flying, compared to flyng to pixels PVgenerated by a baby monitor camera strapped to a toy in the sky is... hold still, while this server admin and an air force of gamers smash in your face. The stick movements are the same, and your feet never leave the ground.. either. Sim pilots rule, toy pilots drool! : )

There is no second place in Air Combat
You're either top dog king of the dog pile hill or your dead...
That was me thrown into the thunderdome of in grade school, like being locked in a gas chamber, and you were either pyscho competitive or you were thrown off a Spartan baby disposal cliff in this sick Western soceity.

Nothing is over. You just don't turn it off..
It wasn't my war. You ask me, I didn't ask you.


Location: Quadlantis ~ Τέσσερις έλικες Ατλαντίδα

Temple of Dysnomia ~ Ναός της Δυσνομίας
Open air Greek temple under construction; foundation completed (behind tree in back in aerial pictures).
Home of Team Fuck Amber, and Brutal Bitch Equipment Reviews.

50 miles from Rotor Riot Rampage, via Augusta,GA (USA) south perimeter interstate (I-520) & Hwy 25
10 miles west from Augusta Airport (AGS) straight shot out the front gate
5 acres, 365K green manicured property
Think Flitetest but for Quadcopters
See aerial view pictures below in picture upload section.

Event Name: Quadzilla

Ninja Girl Figher Pilot Hardcore Aerobatic/Freestyle Meet
May boys attend: yes, if you act civilily and gentlemanly, and bring a girl chaperon
Do boys require a girl chaperon to attend: Yes. Up to four boys may attend per girl chaperon.
Do not hit on girl pilots at the event, it's unprofessional and uncool.
Think Sun N Fun but for Quadcopters
Thank you for your cooperation. Attendees are here to fly, see, and be seen... and show off their flying toys and Team Jungle Gym Showcase Structures for you to fly through. If you come, come prepared for battle.


Hostess with the Mostest: Choppergirl of AIRWAR ( choppergirl @ air-war.org )

Dysnomia Ⓐ Δυσνομία ♘ aka Choppergirl aka the Dark Horse of Airwar
Patron Goddess of Absolute Freedom, Anarchy, and Aerial Combat.
Left Wing Anti-statist Fly Girl Warrior Princess. Daughter of Eris.
aka Sewing Machine of Slaughter, the Cleaning Lady, that white girl rail breaker freight train
Spiritual mother of Hummingbirds, Dragonflies, and Butterflies

Funded by Ancient Order of Anarchists ~ Αρχαίο Τάγμα Αναρχικών

Flight Facilities - Choppergirl's Dojo:

QL - Quadlantis - A Different Event Model

Unlike Rotor Riot, where everyone has to wait in line to use a limited number of frequencies, instead I'm buildng Quadlantis as a central "home base" of operations location where you can arrive at, camp and park for free, use Wifi, recharge your quad and personal batteries, load back up on free 2 liter softdrinks, fix your quad in a workshop, picnic, meet others, cooridinate, socialize and schoome, be there for events at certain tiems like a grill out or LAN party, and fly all the race gaates and structures there of course, but also, hop in your car and go explore from a list any one of found satelite locations in the surrounding local area. Everybody's going to have a car and smart phones, so why not. Come and go as you please, leave or arrive any time. If one remote site too crowded, go fly another one... listed below... a power tower, or the kaolin mine, or a catheral, and so on. I'll have a webpage with pictures and write ups of all the satelites sites within a few minutes driving time.... for example:

Unlike Rampage, where Le Drib rents out a pseudo black ops training faciilty derelict industrial site. we actaully own Quadlantis so it's going to be there year around... and noth just oen week out of the year. Anything I build or setup like a workshop or race gates and structures, can stay up year around. The even Quadzilla won't be year around,b ut Quadlantis wil be there, ready for the next one, so every year it can grow in size building on the previous years work.

Things you will be able to do at Quadlantis Flight Facilities aka "QL":**
--get information at workshop visitors information desk (Alexa enabled, if nobody's there, ask Alexa)
--recharge your batteries for free. I'll have a bank of power strips in the workshop
--load back up on complimentary 2 soft drinks
--use the free wifi and workstions to access the internet
--camp or park overnight for free in a safe place you won't be hassled by cops
--use bathroom and or maybe a shower
--meet other pilots and guests, hook up to go fly a remote QZ
--fly the on site structures and gates
--if you are having car troubles, I may be able to provide tools and assistance
--I might have some other fun toys there, like a go-cart, etc. we might fire up
--A "Free Stuff Bin" - you've seen these maybe in front of boosktores, where the public leaves stuff you can take for free.

Two story Overlook Hotel type house plus circular water fountain (the insane convoluted maze is inside the house).
Nicely golf course like spaced trees and mowed lawns.

Bardwell like wooden horse fence, complete with missing bottom board. I kdi you not, I didn't do this. Does every wooden rail fence have at least one bottom board missing somewhere?

Possibly any one of Choppergirl's three ultralight aircraft

Any PVC or ortherstructures any other Quad Team would like to bring and set up to represent
Quad repair shaded garage type workskop with power.
Possibly Shelterlogic shade tents

Large rough logging lumber area field behind main property past 100 ear old oak trees providing lots of overfly area.

Hazzards - neighbors which I haven't met yet have chain linked in fence backpard populated with very barky maybe vicious dogs. If you fly over them and lose your quad int hem, you may require balls of steal and a couple of nice cheap juicy steaks to retrieve it. Unless you're like the motehrfucking dog whisperer or someting, I dunno. Anyway, there is plenty of airapsce to fly in not over the dogs.

Down the street, a lake that periodicaly actuall floods over the road a few inches everytime, submerging the road for a small stretch.. I've been told. Have yet to see it for myself.

My plan is to build it out into my vision for an ultimate small quad playground in the huge backyard the way I would like it as a hardcore areobatic pilot. If anyone else wants to fly it there are welcome to. If not, well I'm still happy because its exactly how I want it to be. If someone wants to add more to it, well great, more stuff to fly. If you want to drop by and play in my background playground, well, knock yourself out.

Satelite Nearby Remote Flying Sites aka "QZ's"

QZ for Quadzilla - I may mark all the sites on the down low with a innoculous sign reading simply "QZ" in big Dayglo lettersso you know when you arrive you're in the right place.

Note that flying all these remote sites will be "guerilla" - i.e., I haven't cleared a damn thing with any land owners, so keep it non-descript and on the down low and try not to piss off anybody. If you do, report back to the remote site so we can warn other poilots and take it off the list for a while or permanently, and update the webpage about it's current "status".


QZ - Kaolin Mine - huge white clay strip mine with bright blue water ponds, looking like some surreal martian landscape.

QZ = Triple Towers Park

QZ - Abandoned Regency Mall

QZ - Confederate Powder Works Smoke Stack & Empire Building

QZ - Sardis Coaling Tower

QZ - Sacred heart Memorial Cathedral

QZ - Savannah Rapids Pavillion

QZ - Savannah Lock and Dam Park (near airport, so stay down low below tree level)

QZ - Pendelton King Park

QZ - Storm Thrumond Lake Dam and Wooden Campground Fire Tower

QZ - Toccoa Falls & Helen,GA (much further away, but worth mentioning)

In town, there are landmarks such as the Confederate Powder Works, Empire building, Penthouse downtown, iron railroad bridge across river, Sacred Heart Memorial Catherdral chruch, etc.. taht may be worth flying guerilla style ont he down low. If you really want a far away quest there's the coaling tower in Sardis, Georgia. A yearly hot Air Balloon event, and of course, small town water towers in Hephzibah, BLythe, and Keysville within driving distance.

If you were flying in to Augusta for Rampage, or driving in from the west on I-20, it would be a no brainer to check it out as it's a 10 minute straight shot drive from the airport or off the interstate. From Florida it's almost a straight shot off Highway 1 through Blythe.

Also, I'd ike to have a webpage list and map posted of remote by local good sites or structures to fly within short distance to expand the number of folks that can be in the area at one time. If it's too crowded at one place, jump in the car and go 10 minutes to one of my satelite scoped out locations.

If you have ideas or input you'd ;ole to share, email me at choppergirl @ air-war.prg

Cost to Attend: Free

If in the future I have to charge to cover cleanup, expenses, or porta potties and the likr dhould it explode, I will keep it dirt cheap at cost. This event is not about me taking from you, but about giving to you. I have a long and colorful history of creating free things for the public to enjoy as a commons.

Being a barnstormer and liking to create spectacle, I plan to build it into and event so interesting it wil be worth your while to quest and travel to.

Cost to Exhibit for Non-Commercial Purposes: Free

Represent your team, company, country, or organization by bringing your colors, banners, gates or massive transportablr aerobatic buildouts. Think "Flugtag".

Date: Week before and during Rampage

Hours: to be announced, when event i sconfirmed. Currently this event project is in development.

I may make this event exclusive and invitation only instead of open to the general public, I haven't decided yet. Such a strategy worked to launch Facebook, so, it has it's merits.

Foods and Drink

Two Liter and canned soft drinks for sure for free.
Depending on turn out and if there are a lot of people present, there may be free food in play.
Like, we might fire up a grill and grill out hamburgers and hotdogs for everyone, build them your way to suit at the condiments table.
Paper plates and a wide varity of potato and other chips and stuff to fill out your plate with.
If you quested all the way to visit, I'm going to of course feed you. It's a Southern Hospitiality thing, just roll with it and help yourself. :)
Please put all trash in trash cans of course.

Directions : To be announced when event confirmed

Right now its still a beta idea in development as I brainstorm it; the down pressure on launching it is the pandemic putting it on hold, and well I'm quite happy in the sim right npw and I want to wait until I get my blindness fixed. Plus, well, there is no god damn quad community (don't believe any illusion you may have gotten from watchng Youtube videos), so basicallly, it's just me doing it all and everything for this little event on my own. Anyway, I'll probably post an announcement to all the RC forums and update it here.

Pitch a tent camping

Probably free, your quad is your camp pass. Pitch a tent, sleep in your car, get a hotel, or...
If the number of people is not too great, you may be able to sleep in the office or workshop with just a foam pad or air maytess and some blankets or sleeping bag. Or I might arrange some other accomations under a roof for those looking to "rough it!" on the cheap.

Pandemic Protocols

Be vacinated, wear a mask. We'll see. Pandemic is probably going to postpone me launching this for aw while, which is fine, I just started and it's sttill in the brainstorming phase. May not have this event until the pandemic is over, if ever. Or if FPV fad totally craters, which it's kind of on life support at the moment so....

Flightline Frequencies

I'll appoint an ATC Director with white boeard and dry erase markers, when and where we need them. Flying a whole lot of satelite sites miles apart instead of jsut one site gives us a whole lot more bandwidth so everyone can be in the air somewehre.

If you have a basic understanding of the radio spectrum and decent orgfanization and people skills and are competent, responsible, and would like to volunteer as an Air Traffic Controller hit me up.


I don't know, I might offer a hefty prize to any challenger who can outfly me in something, i haven't decided yet. Those european silver mines I invested in in the 17th century apparently did really well, so... apparently, I'm a rich girl.


Hell yeah. A Revolution without dancing is a Reolution not worth having.

I'll probably have Alexa's everywhere, and if you don't like what's playing, you can go up to it and say "Alexa, play {whatever the phuck you want for song or genre of music}".

Other Activities

To be announced; hit me with your brilliant ideas.

Maybe we go rolelr skating at the local Red Wing, sprinkler fun, more nearby offsite flying locations, maybe a class or talk, show and tell, spin the bottle, flash mobbing a Burger King for lunch, etc.


By attending, you waive any rights against us the event organizer or property owners for anything you or other guests may do. Basically it's all on you. This is private property and someone's home so be cool and no destruction or litering Thank you.

If you are a royal PITA or nuisance or problem, you may be asked politey to leave ith or without explanatin. I'm pretty chill and tolerant of humanities failings and follibles, but basically don't be a dick

No member of any government agency, national / state / city or county government, police force, prison bureau, or military is allowed to attend. (Libarians are an exception; there may be others - inquire).

Note that I do mot support censorship, so would not call this a family friendly environment. There most likely at times will be cussing, profuse swearing, and raunchy music lyrics.

Purpose of Gathering

The purpose of thia event is ro lay the foundation and groundwork for the training of futute fighter pilots and angels of anarchy and freedom in aerial warfare in humanities last stand against the Dae\rpa Slaughterbots. Statists will not let up and not stop until you are all enslaved or dead. Fight statism, never fight for it. Don't be a tpll, pawn, and whore of Eunomia, spower of lies and falsehoods, gasper of power over abd enslavement of all free loving peoples.

How much millisecond latency handicap could you fly with?

I wanted to know how much 100ms was if I were going to try and fly aerobatics with the Axis Flying Box as my main view, so I found this video audibly demonstrating exactly how long a delay 100ms was.

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choppergirl   Mar 16, 2023  
choppergirl   4 days ago 

The fun thing about temporal war is, it never ends. A Future More Advanced Cloaking Capable Infinity Loops Robot Lady comes back in time, to return a hit on the Choppergirl FT5 Terminator Unit. This time she proves more worthy as a target. (Episode II)

choppergirl   Jun 23, 2023  
choppergirl   Mar 02, 2023  
choppergirl   Jun 11, 2022  
OpenSkeyeFPV   Jul 09, 2022 

i like the maps on Tryp...
The gravity seems to be a little light for planet earth!

K1R   Feb 22, 2022  

at first I thought it was some spam, not even a drone build, but I started reading the text, and it turned out to be some weird fpv related rabbit hole, so I am really puzzled now what I've just read.

choppergirl   Feb 27, 2022 

Choppergirl, Dark Horse of Air War, 2142 FPS VTOL gunship server, the Queen of Server Side modding
5 years before Bardwell or Steele ever ducttaped a POS baby monitor camera to balsa sticks... I was flaming boys nonstop in aerial combat on my highly Python modified and labor of love server 15 years before Velocidrone Combat or the first Quadcopter Sim, period. I am legend. Welcome to being in the know ;-)

choppergirl   May 26, 2023 

Interesting that when I make a Rotorbuilds page outlining how I want to build a free FPV park 50 miles west of Rampage it gets viewed as spam, but when fucking Botgrinder does it a few months later himself after reading my page... the bro culutre literally bends over backwards throwing $35,000 at him. Very annoyed considering I typed up my project with 8 burnt fingers in bandages from putting out a house fire at night, but instead you throw your money at an ADD stoner who's going to smoke at least 15% of it up for sure in bluntz. Shrug, whatever! I didn't even ask for money, and was goign to grill out for everyone for free. Too late now... pay your $75 just to be a spectator at the sausage fest that is Rampage, what do I care... enjoy not getting to fly and basking in the presence of Bad Advice Barnwad.

choppergirl   May 05, 2023  
choppergirl   May 05, 2023 

One in a Million Years, I like how the Youtube works. By accident.
But only sometimes. (thumbnail placement) :

choppergirl   May 07, 2023 

"I like Big Quads" by Sir Head-Snots-A-Lot
choppergirl@air-war.org 20230507

Oh my kwad
AshleyFPV, look at her frame!
Its just.. so.. big
She looks like one of those X frame guys quads
Who understands those Beast Class guys
They only fly her because she looks like a total FAA violation
I mean her frame
It's just so... BIG
I can't believe it's so True X
Those 5ghz LHCP stubby antennas are just so out there
I mean, what a total waste of carbon
Look at all that electrical tape, she's just so... BLACK!

I like big quads and I can not lie
You other bros can't deny
That when a frame drops on RDQ with an itty bitty camera face
And a dyed plastic round canopy on it's waist
You get soldering
Wanna impact that cop car rough
Cuz you notice that high amp draw ESC was stuffed
Deep in the VTX FC stack she's wearing
MY USB Cable is snaked in there and I can't stop pairing

Oh, baby I wanna get wit ya
And post your high def picture
My Discord homeboys tried to warn me
But those big ass props you got
Makes my AG01 sticky fingers so horny

Ooh, a UAVtech dump of smooth filter logs
You say you wanna get on my bench
Wifey bitches our credit card has been over charged

I've seen Choppergirl big air dancin'
To hell with indoor race gate prancing'
That Quad's Large, in Charge, got it goin on like a River Barge

I'm tired of Tiny Whoop sites
Nick Burns saying tiny whoops are the thing
Take the average Karen and ask her that
For her to even stop and bitch you back
Your quad gotta pack much carbon black

So Bros (yeah!) Bros (yeah!)
Is your quad over 250 grams (fireball yeah)
Well flip it, roll it, dive it, split S it, Choppergirl say English Bunt whut? it
I say Figure 8 Trippy spin that healthy butt
Baby got carbon BLACK

choppergirl   Jan 14, 2022  
choppergirl   Jan 19, 2022 
choppergirl   Jan 26, 2022 

What do you call an FPV cinematic pilot?
a straight line l053r
What do you call an FPV racing pilot?
a right turn left turn l053r
What do youc all an FPV aerobatic pilot?
a g.d. U.F.O....
What do you call a General Aviation pilot?
a smoking hole in the ground

choppergirl   Apr 18, 2022 
choppergirl   Jan 14, 2022  

Do me a favor, and tell manufacturers back, that if it can't be assembled like Legos with your eyes completly closed from start to finish, you're not buying anymor

This hobby won't ever evolve unless you do. We're still in the stone age soldering everything. No ANSI standardized connectors anywhere. Wait until you can no longer see well enough to solder, and you'll know exactly what I mean.

When was the last time you had to solder to build a gaming rig or desktop computer from start to finish? The 1970's? The sate of this hobby is absolite rubbish. Can I solder? Yes. Heck, I can even stick weld and braze with an acetylene torch. But I'm not gonna try it because I can't see my fingers, either because I'm farsighted or blind. Did you have to solder up your microwave, TV, or car to get it to work?

choppergirl   Jan 12, 2022  

Excellent Livestream FPV RANT today by Dan (I Fix Sheet) "Work Work Work"

Dan's YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQGbAWX8sLokMzR3VZr3UiA
You'll have to copy and paste this Unlisted saved livestream URL below, as he disabled video embedding:
He talks scooter repair, then FPV talk starts at 3:40 to END
I've been preaching the same for the past year, but guys just tune out girls, so maybe when a guy says it, it registers
Under cellphone tower height and kite sting were my comments
Posted on my secret QUADLANTIS page: https://rotorbuilds.com/build/28811

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