Babyshark Pod 56mm

By lazd on Jul 30, 2017

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Babyshark frames are in their last round of revisions and will be available for purchase in early September!

Babyshark Pod is a 2" brushless micro designed to look cute and crash hard. It's a very tight build that requires a very specific set of components, so it's not for everyone, but it's definitely rewarding to build and tons of fun to fly.

This TinyFish FC is amazing, RSSI, telemetry, current sensor, blackbox, and SBUS D8 RX?! Much to my surprise, the 1103 10,000kV motors don't even get warm on 2S with 2035 quadblades and it has tons of power! With a little tuning and less-windy weather, this thing will be a riot.

Build tips

  • The stack: M2 8mm steel socket cap screw -> frame -> M2 nylon nut -> ESC right side up -> M2 3.5mm female to male standoff -> FC upside down -> M2 nylon nut
  • I hand-cut nylon standoffs to 3.5mm with an Xacto knife to get it all to fit as low profile as possible
  • I mounted the flight connector upside-down so the USB port would not get in the way of the VTX
  • I put VHB between the VTX and the FC, as well as on the back of the camera to prevent shorting
  • I used the E-flite-style batteries with the 3-pin JST-PH connector, allowing me to pull 1S power for the VTX and camera on the middle wire, and 2S power for the FC and ESCs
  • I hotglued and heatshrinked the leads on the female JST-PH connector so the pins don't slip in, so all 3 wires, individual heatshrinked, hotglued, then heatshrink around all 3 wires and partially covering the connector
  • I used 24AWG wires for the ESC power wires as the batteries I was using used 24AWG, so there's no reason to use a larger gauge for a shorter length of wire


  • To Phreakin FPV for feedback on the canopy's resistance to bending
  • To Anisoptera for her pro-tip of using hair ties for the battery
  • To nwbb for the stream of information regarding current offerings in the micro brushless arena
  • To all the other testers for their insights and feedback

See the maiden here:



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Whiffles   19 days ago  

If only somebody made nylon standoffs shorter than 6mm. How did you cut them down?

lazd   19 days ago 

I know huh? I ended up just cutting it in half with a razor blade, and it worked perfectly!

adarkthinline   19 days ago  

I Like! Where to buy?

lazd   19 days ago 

They're coming soon! I have several people testing it, then we're doing a round of revisions, then cutting V1. DM me your e-mail address and I'll make sure you get the first one!

UnderDawg   19 days ago  

Nice! That's one of the coolest 2'' builds I've ever seen.

lazd   19 days ago 

Thanks! I don't think it would have been possible without the new 16mm FCs!

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