Tinyshark 2.2" 2mm

By lazd on Aug 09, 2017

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The Falcon Multirotors Tinyshark is shipping now! Get yours for only $20!

This is the most fun you can have on 1 cell. Tinyshark flies longer, faster, and better than a whoop on the same packs... I haven't even had a chance to try the larger JST 2p pin batteries on this rig, and I'm already convinced I'll never fly a brushed micro again. She's good indoors for fast tracks or for slow cruising, with more than enough get-up-and-go to keep you interested, but not enough that she feels out of control. Tinyshark's top fin protects the VTX from upside down impacts, and with the nearly indestructible 4g prop guard solution installed, motor shafts and props take very few hits unless you fly full speed into the ground.

I crashed straight into my own neck without guards and had nothing more than, well, a red neck, but with more power, bigger props, and less protection than a whoop, and without the ducts, the props are more exposed, so you're more likely to cause injury if you crash into someone's face. Avoid this by being a big more responsible than you might be with a brushed ducted micro!

I designed a sweet new canopy and she's looking better than ever!



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Msmal9297   Dec 28, 2017  

Can someone print this canopy for me? I don’t mind paying some $

Eric   Dec 07, 2017  

Which props did u find was the best on this build? I am gonna be doing a 2s 1103 build as soon my frame comes

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Eric   Dec 07, 2017 

I was gonna get the babyshark but it weights twice what the tiny shark does

lazd   Dec 07, 2017 

It does weigh more, partly because of the canopy and partly because of the wider arms that are required to prevent breakage when the battery weighs 2-4x as much (1S 220mAh vs 2S 450mAh).

Eric   Dec 07, 2017 

Makes perfect sense! We will see how the tiny shark holds up on 2s

deks   Dec 03, 2017  

Could you say more about the different prop guard options? The ones in the latest pics look like the Eachine Aurora guards , while the earlier ones (with less plastic and the hoop) looks more like the pepperfish setup, which apparently uses a cfk rod. Where do you acquire such a thing? :-)

FannyPack_FPV   Aug 09, 2017  

Do you have a link to the frame?

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FannyPack_FPV   Aug 09, 2017 

can you like the new frame here once it's released?

lazd   Aug 11, 2017 

Will do!

deks   Dec 02, 2017 
deks   Sep 21, 2017  

Is 34g with the prop guard the dry weight? I don't think I see a battery in the picture.

lazd   Sep 21, 2017 

Yes, dry.

deks   Sep 18, 2017  

Looks awesome lazd! In the main description, you said " haven't even had a chance to try the larger JST 2p pin batteries on this rig" - do you mean the heavier JST PH 2.0 "power whoop" connectors? Because it looks like that's what's in the photos, and the battery you listed uses that connector.

Also, could you run 2S with this setup?

lazd   Sep 20, 2017 

Yes, I have not used the JST PH 2.0 connectors on this rig -- it uses the old, tiny E-Flite connectors. I listed the newer packs so people cloning the build would end up with the right stuff :)

You definitely cannot run 2S, unless you use an ESC that supports 2S such as the Star6 or tinyPEPPER2.

LawnDart   Aug 11, 2017  

FYI. You've got 4 4-in-1 escs listed, making the parts list look like it costs $45 more than it should.

lazd   Aug 11, 2017 

Fixed, thanks!

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