GEP130X Omnibus F3

By Whiffles on Oct 08, 2016

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This is a semi-premium 3" build with an emphasis on simplicity. My goal with the Omnibus and the 4-in-1 was to reduce my wiring while giving me a voltage readout over OSD. I chose the GEP130X for the additional space and I just like the way it looks. I'm carrying my battery on top and the AUW is 251g with a 3S 850mah battery. It is 167g without the battery.

I wired a 12v Pololu to the FC RAM port to filter power to my VTX. The camera is powered by the 5v output from the FC. I'm using a Spektrum satellite which plugs directly into the FC. The ESC signal wires needed to be rearranged to match the motor inputs of the FC. I pulled the wires from the harness and re-inserted them into the proper positions. If you're looking at the harness that plugs into the ESC board I moved the first signal wire to the fourth position, third to the first and fourth to the third.

This little guy flies great!



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thumbtwiddler   Mar 09, 2017  

so cute!

EreKeR101   Nov 09, 2016  

Finally got a chance to check your build out. I see you De-cased your receiver on the 130. It really does save some bulk but looks cleaner in finished mode. Also thanks for the compliment on my 130 Armattan. Just posted my recent build.... SpaceOne 220. Let me know what you think. Also noticed you went with a 4-1 esc as well. Good choice.

Whiffles   Nov 09, 2016 

I don't think it would be possible without de-casing the RX. That's pretty standard practice now. The 4-in-1s are great. I love the simplicity of them, so I think I'll continue to use them on my builds going forward.

volitant   Oct 14, 2016  

super clean setup and colour combo ! any chance of squeezing a hs1177 in there?

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Whiffles   Oct 21, 2016 

I guess I don't know what I'm missing as I've yet to use an HS1177, but I do like this cam just as much as my Inductrix cam.

volitant   Nov 04, 2016 

I've been using the same, some hate them but i really don't mind it especially for size and weight

Whiffles   Nov 04, 2016 

Yes and it's perfectly fine for a little quad like this.

Whiffles   Oct 26, 2016  

Here's a little clip I recoded today.

Ablazing   Oct 18, 2016  

Hey Whiffles!

Loving the blue finish. Very Cool!

Whiffles   Oct 18, 2016 

Thank you! It took some doing to secure all those blue parts, but it's worth it.

36Ophiuchi   Aug 04, 2016  

Yeah, this looks like an awesome build. I'd love to try both your FC and the ESCs.

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Whiffles   Oct 08, 2016 

Finished up the build!

36Ophiuchi   Oct 11, 2016 

You're wiring is so clean! Inspiring stuff. I might have to copy your receiver tricks and de-case as well as use the lip tie to stiffen the antennae.

Whiffles   Oct 13, 2016 

I'm no pro, but I just look at a lot of build pics for inspiration.

thomaazz   Oct 09, 2016  

The combination of transparent props and blue is amazing

Whiffles   Oct 09, 2016 

Thank you. I'm quite happy with how it turned out, but I don't know how long it'll stay looking pretty ;)

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